“We saw more people buying more product more frequently by going to online ordering."

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Supporting the digital shift for the B2B market.

We understand the need for behavioural change within the drinks industry. Having partnered with leaders of the food & bev sector over the past 10 years, we’ve established online trade platforms and B2B solutions that aim to digitally transform the industry. There’s never been a more important time to digitise, and we’re here to provide the tools you need. The world has changed, with 86% of all businesses now buying online, the industry must evolve in order to survive. We provide a solution that connects wholesalers, stockists, brands, and free trade, one that combines bespoke industry features with marketing assets and branded pages, for an unrivalled user experience.

Vennture empowers Brand Owners, Wholesale and Stockists to trade effectively online.

By reducing mistakes, improving efficiencies and increasing transactions through your dedicated platform, a new generation of buyers can do more than ever before.

Brand Owners

Whether building a direct sales approach or supporting your Wholesale partner through enriched sales data, going online increases your product reach.


More customers, ordering more product, more of the time. We’ve worked with the brands and done the hard work to help enrich your data and customer experience.


Benefit from a 24/7 ordering window that provides access to a wider range of products, deals, promotions, and prices. By ordering online, you increase your profit margin as you only buy at the best prices.

Off Trade

Connect with an increased variety of suppliers, giving you greater flexibility and more control over your stock. Not only are you benefiting from more choice, but from more support than ever before.

Benefits of going digital

  • Increase productivity
  • 24/7 ordering to a wider audience
  • Reduce mistakes and increase efficiencies
  • Connect back-end systems with front-end portal
  • Automate your sales strategy
  • Create email trigger campaigns
  • Launch new brand, don't just list
  • Track and report on daily slow moving stock

We understand the complexities of B2B commerce, that’s why we have built our solution around you.

Willian Grant & Sons

Trusted partner and technology behind the Return Your Beer project.

Impressive partners to work with on the Return Your Beer project in tackling an unprecedented challenge facing the UK beer industry following the Government’s decision to close the on-trade. Mark Wilson, Director of On Trade Sales Operations & Execution at Carlsberg.

US research firm Frost & Sullivan stated in a recent report on B2B:

"Online B2B retailing is at an inflection point and is going through major shifts in technology and business models. The B2B market will outgrow the B2C market by 2025, with China taking the lead. The market is evolving due to shifts in the impact of mobility and role of digital channels. Retailers, in order to keep up with the change in the market, need to incorporate a broader competitive view by prioritising mobile and omnichannel strategies by investing aggressively in the B2B customer experience. The top priority of B2B retailers is to create a unique and personalised experience in delivering services through innovation in technologies. By moving your business away from legacy inhouse solutions that are expensive to maintain, our SaaS offering will remove your CAPEX headache and total cost of ownership for years to come."

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